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Porticor Virtual Private Data combines state of the art data encryption with patented homomorphic split-key encryption to offer the most secure, cost-effective solution for safeguarding data in the cloud.

Easy to install and use, it provides a complete solution for the entire data layer, and solves the biggest challenge of cloud data encryption - safe storage of the keys.

When running your application in the cloud, it is your responsibility to protect data at rest. To meet privacy obligations to your customers and employees, and to comply with regulatory standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA and SOX, businesses must securely encrypt cloud-based data, while keeping operational overhead to a minimum.

Porticor Virtual Private Data consists of a virtual appliance that you can install in minutes, along with a key management service. Through the intuitive management console, it is easy to encrypt any disk or data storage unit.

Porticor's key management features breakthrough homomorphic split-key encryption technology that increases security by an order of magnitude, protecting keys even when they are in use in the cloud.

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